How do I get Karen’s Naturals in my favorite local store?

Let them know you’d like to see us on their shelves! You have the most power as a consumer to change the grocery landscape, so we appreciate your support in getting more real food options on the shelves for everyone.

Below is a message you can copy/paste, as well as an image you can save. Just email to, or print and drop off at your favorite store.

Dear store manager,

I noticed that your shelves are missing my favorite super food Karen’s Naturals!

It’s important to me that I’m able to support a brand that believes in the same things I do - eating real whole food without compromising on taste. 

As a loyal customer of yours, I know that Karen’s Naturals will stand out in a sea of other options because of their bright packaging!

Please consider carrying Karen’s Naturals!

I know they would be happy to talk with you! You can email them at!