Recipe Contest!




Back by popular demand at Karen’s Naturals. There are so many variations you can try to create new delicious recipes— and we’re going to ask for YOURS!

You could win a gift box of Karen's Naturals product!


  • Recipes can provide both inspiration and how-to.

  • They can jump start your meal planning and shopping lists.

  • Whether your cooking approach is conventional or freestyle, recipes help you feel creative

  • Recipes can help you use what you have and make the most of those grocery $$ you already spent!

 For nearly 38 years, Karen's Naturals has been providing all natural healthy fruits and vegetables for snacking and as ingredients. Now it’s your turn! We’ want to see the creative ways you enjoy your favorite Karen’s Naturals fruits and vegetables.

It can be as simple as a short narrative of your list of ingredients you add KN to resulting in a surprisingly delicious meal, OR a more traditional-style recipe listing of the ingredients and the step-by-step for your unique creation.
Here’s how to submit your recipe — but please keep reading for important details!

Send us an email to by Sunday, April 30th at 11:59 PST with the subject: RECIPE CONTEST! 

Please include: 

Your name

Your address

Your instagram and facebook names (or links so we can tag you!) 

Your recipe!

What Karen's Naturals Product(s) was used

At least 1 image of your recipe

HINT: We’re not looking for recipes from your favorite celebrity chef - We prefer YOUR home-tested recipes that are a) relatively simple, b) don’t involve much prep time or specialized appliances, and c) DO involve using Karen’s Naturals Fruits and Vegetables.

Here’s a few examples:

  • Southwestern Corn Salad

  • Blueberry Smoothie

  • Peach Scones

Whether your approach to dish preparation is formal or freestyle, we’re interested in what you come up with. We also want to encourage kid-friendly recipe submissions. Maybe your young chef has a great recipe to share!

Qualified recipe submissions will be entered into a random drawing to win a Gift Box of Karen’s Naturals fruits and vegetables.



Recipes submitted must be appropriately attributed, either solely to you (family member, etc.), or otherwise identified as to its source. It’s fine if you build your creation around a recipe from a cookbook or website then made it your own, but please tell us where you get it! (We cannot re-publish copyrighted material.)

  • What’s the name of your dish?

  • Is it kid-friendly?

  • What was the inspiration for your dish?

  • Include your recipe

  • Include 1-2 photos of what you made (and a selfie if you like).


We will randomly draw (3) winners and announce them in our monthly email. We’ll also highlight a number of our favorite recipe entries, on social media.
EVERY RECIPE is an entry to win a KN Gift Box! Submit more than one if you like!
We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with!